Proposed enhancements.

Started by much_guest, April 23, 2008, 06:01:19 PM

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Looking for feedback on new ideas.

The concepts will be discussed in this thread. And there are lots of new ideas that have been proposed. Please feel free to add your ideas or kick the merits of anything you encounter in this thread.

This is a NO FAULT thread, so feel free to bash the bad ideas like a pinata!

Here we go!



It's hopefully no secret that the originator of this version (Mr. Ben Norton) seems to have wanted to lock in on the circa WWII timeframe.  Just one question... Where are the TANKS?

Obviously, Artillery was supposed to fill in part of the void, but how can you have a WWII wargame w/o TANKS?

This would be a REALLY easy enhancement (For some people ;) ) to just drop in.

What do YOU think?


Rusting ships?

Let's be honest. The reason that RUST has such a voracious appetite when it comes to ships is PURELY for housekeeping purposes. Trying to keep the clutter of PTs down to a manageable level.

It seems like it would make a lot more sense for instead of ships just stopping dead in the water when they run out of ore... that they would do something like DRIFT on ocean currents until they run aground of an island, and then maybe start rusting? It's kind of hideous losing those brave sailors when a PT just rusts out from under their feet (especially in a 'fast' game).

So the change would be to introduce ocean currents that would affect ships that have lost power (and do something about the rust rate?). Ships would tend to drift into nearby isles (direction selected by picking a random nearby island? :) ). Naturally, slowing the rust rate down (maybe not even starting it till it runs aground?)

Naturally, if your ships runs aground on a regular sector, it will be beached... But if it's a mountain, well you broke up on the rocks!



I don't know about you, but I really hate those isolated island pieces. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to convert those inland sectors into bridges? They would behave mostly like waterways.

Does anyone know what the missing sector types are? (Based on the DESIGNATION_CONST gaps?)