EMPIRE Game 1 Regenerated

Started by tmj, June 23, 2024, 10:19:28 PM

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Test/Experimental EMPIRE1 has been regenerated, it lasts 35 days and expires MON, JUL 29, 2024

To connect, use Telnet or VT to:  empire.game-host.org
The log on command is HELLO PLAYER.EMPIRE1

Game parameters are:
- 299x299 sector grid
- 10 islands, everyone starts at EDEN
- build and movement points accumulate every minute
- 99/255 starting time units
- ship movement is updated every hour
- 255 Player limit
- Player identification is created on first log on
- Game is always open, no sign ups required
- Normal information hiding

This message generated by a batch job on the Empire machine.
Tracy Johnson
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