Attention Bruce Moreland!

Started by much_guest, November 16, 2008, 12:52:25 PM

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Bruce Moreland from Evergreen State College circa 70s. (if you know Bruce, please see that he gets this msg)

I saw your post that you HAVE the source code, in hardcopy, for Evergreen's version of Civilization!

Please! Please! Contact me regarding recovering this gaming LOST TREASURE!

Wow... And Thanks Bruce! :)

I've already secured guarantees for a speedy data entry, have access to any needed hardware platforms, and look foward to seeing the oh so familiar interface.

I will also return the hardcopy to you with zero wear and tear.

Many folks have browsed Empire... But what they were REALLY looking for was Civilization!

I apologize for this approach... I simply can't get access to the MB were you posted your fabulous news. :(

I am

Let's get this done Bruce!


I have a copy but i'll need bruces permission to give it too you...don't want to get your hopes up though I may have lost it in the move I made a couple years ago...